Why Do We Keep Going Back to Visit Amsterdam?

Yes, it’s fantastic. A subtle form of opulence. Extremely well-ordered, yet not inhumanely so. Decorative, but not gaudy. Piet Mondrian described Amsterdam’s “lucid tidiness” as “beautiful, lyrical tidiness.” My most recent trip to the city went by in the blink of an eye, like a ray of late-autumn sunshine. The sky was clear and the air was quiet. That enchanted light Those elegantly gabled canal homes, which are tall, slim, and have many windows. The courtyards are built out in a lovely herringbone pattern. The names of the proprietors are painted in copperplate on small wooden doors.

The city also has its own sound. The Netherlands has a population of seventeen million people. They have a total of 22.5 million bicycles between them. A disproportionate number of which, it appears to me, can be found speeding through the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam at any hour of the week, emitting that peculiar metallic clatter. This is a city that echoes the nursery and the playground, of simpler, happier days.

A map of central Amsterdam looks like a spider’s web due to the extensive network of canals. After the perplexing canals of this most complicated of port cities, traveling the high oceans from northern Europe to the farthest reaches of Asia seemed like plain sailing to the Dutch merchants. I stopped thinking about getting lost here a long time ago and just let it happen. While traveling, if you’re looking for a place to store your luggage while exploring charming city, luggage storage Amsterdam is here for you.to store your luggage without any tension.

On previous visits, the more unusual baked delicacies and stronger intoxicants that are freely available throughout the city have piqued my interest. This time, however, I was satisfied to stick to stroopwafels and apple pie, washed down with a swig of genever or drinks.  (For stroopwafels, go to Van Stapele Koekmakerij; for apple pie, go to Café Papeneiland; for genever, go to Café Slijterij Oosterling; and for unpleasant cocktails, go to Tales & Spirits.

In this state, I sauntered out to try to pin down the precise essence of the city’s compelling allure. Despite the fact that I’ve been visiting Amsterdam on a regular basis for over 30 years, it’s only recently occurred to me that the appeal of the city is not solely or even largely aesthetic. It has to do with how the things you see reflect the opinions of those who put it there in interesting ways.

This is a type of worldliness that appears to be innocent since it is so open and comfortable. For a city with such strong ties to vice and sleaze—all the sex and drugs—it has a strangely innocent air. That’s not to suggest the associations aren’t important, or that there aren’t some hypocrisies. Only that one of its most notable aspects is this unusual blend, which is both rare and admirable in its own right. Amsterdam is tolerant but not invulnerable, liberal but not unrestricted. Another facet of the city’s light, its music, is this solid, sensible mix of attitudes.